Pet Health Schemes

Bespoke pet Health Schemes

Making Your Scheme Yours

Your BRANDED Pet Scheme

One of our key services is successfully implementing and driving forward bespoke preventative health care schemes.

Success of our schemes compared to any other in the market is proven with one of the highest client sign ups for participating practices.
The success of these preventative health care schemes is down to successful marketing, advertising, bespoke customer literature relevant to their specific practice.
If you are seriously looking to setup a very successful scheme or looking to turn around a scheme you already have in place click the vetdebit link for further information on our complete service.

• Bespoke branded preventative health scheme

• Using the marketing skills of Initial Ideas to produce top
quality text, graphics and pictures

• Total exclusivity of your scheme

• Annual makeover to keep your plan fresh


For over 10 years Initial Ideas has been working exclusively with large and small veterinary practices to greatly improve their market presence and increase the lions share of clinical veterinary business to their area. Part of this process was adding value to these practices by introducing preventative health care schemes.
This process was either setting up new schemes or taking over existing ones. Unlike other companies who are money collecting businesses who offer preventative health plans, Initial Ideas turns this process on its head, we create a genuine saving scheme worth joining that is good for the patient, the client and yourselves.

Vet Debit the collection arm created by Initial Ideas now allows our Pet Health Scheme service to be complete from start to finish.

"Direct Debit is just a way of paying for it"


Benefits of Working With Us

The key to our pet schemes is its exclusivity giving you and your practice complete peace of mind that your scheme is unique. We are amazed that you can have a preventative plan in place that can be identical to your competitors.
The true success of our schemes which are quantified by the high membership figures, is the belief that your staff feel that they are recommending an in house bespoke savings scheme and not an outside company plan. Removing the pressure that it's a sale's process rather than a recommendation this then reassures your clients that they are joining a saving scheme not being sold a plan.

You have the might of Initial Ideas graphical skills, to promote your scheme to a level unlike any in the market, we look to annually makeover your promotional material to keep your scheme fresh and interesting.

Already Running a pet Health Scheme?

It would NOT be our intention to undo the scheme that you have in place, we would look to add our expertise to your plan and make it "fly" in a seamless manner. What we have found is that existing providers of current schemes are insistent that it comes under their brand and not your own or use stock pictures and graphics that are used for all other practices using their Health Care format.


Changing your Direct Debit collector
The second part to re launching your scheme is the smooth transition to Vet Debit to be your new direct debit originator, we will gladly go through this process with you to reassure both you and your clients how simple this process can be, and by adding value to grow your membership we might even be able to reduce your fees.

Setting Up a New Scheme

Pet Health Schemes are a fantastic way to bond your clients to your practice. It allows you to reward your very best clients with genuine savings, and create a structure for new clients to follow improving compliance.
A Preventative Health Care scheme is good for the client, patient and the practice. It creates the opportunity for you to bond life time value clinical clients. New clients now take into consideration whether a veterinary practice has a pet health scheme.

Giving YOUR scheme its own identity
The first step would be to give your current plan its own identity clearly demonstrating that it is your scheme. This would mean a practice photo day pre-arranged by us taking art directed shots of your staff at your practice.

Applying this identity to re worked and brand new marketing material
Initial Ideas now has a tried and tested working formula to making existing pet plans successful. We take your graphics, text and photography to create market leading material that will allow your scheme to be fully appreciated and your staff the want to recommend it.