Creating a practice identity

A brand consists of a logo that has strength of name, unique graphics, watermarks to flavour the paper trail and an image for instant clear recognition

There is no doubt that every veterinary practice in the country is very proud of their reputation, but how do you portray that to new or bond your existing clients? Initial Ideas produces bespoke literature designed to assist you to maintain, improve or gain a substantial presence within a given area. Whether you are dedicated equine or a mixed practice, from referral to first opinion, Initial Ideas works closely to assist and guide you to your full potential. The whole of the UK is covered including Ireland and the Channel Islands with the comfort of knowing no one is penalised for location. The importance of uniforms to welcome packs, signage to health care schemes, the marketing of your image can become largely overlooked as they are the “silent salesman”, the face of your practice. Initial Ideas works tirelessly to provide you with the image and branding you are happy to use to portray your professional services, all Initial Ideas asks is you allow us to use our expertise to guide you to apply bespoke design effects to strengthen a brand and truly extend a reputation beyond word of mouth.


What is the purpose of a practice logo?

Your practice logo represents your company and gives instant recognition; it should be eye catching, bespoke, impactful and leave potential clients with a clear impression of your services. Your logo is the starting point to your brand and is the most important part in the foundation of a brand identity.


How do we work?

Commissioning a logo from us is very simple; our logo stage takes you through a variety of bespoke designs. Getting this stage right will set you off in the right direction!

An obligation free consultation direct with our designers will allow us to understand your aims and visions. You may have a logo that is looking dated but you want to keep its essence, we would work around this and provide ‘face lifted’ updated versions of your logo. Alternatively if you do not have a logo or one you are not attached to in anyway, we design and create bespoke ideas based on your location, history, hobbies etc


The next stage

Once you have your bespoke logo what should you do next?

Initial Ideas will offer you advice on how to now progress and make the most out of your new logo.We will discuss with you our next stages, from client enquiry packs, protocol sheets, adverts to websites.

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