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Launch of intranet campaign

We were approached by Goddard vets to come up with a campaign to help them launch a new training package to their staff via their company intranet.

We created a whole new brand for this campaign called GVG In Touch. The campaign was to be based around the theme of take a break and visit the training site.

We devised a box, which would hold KitKats, USB stick headphones and a instructions card.

This campaign was due to be launch on Tuesday 7th October, all boxes were produces, products placed into the boxes, sealed and each box address to the 50 different branches these were then posted out to each practice for the staff to open. The USB sticks were branded and also had data applied to them about the training site and also contained training videos. So the staff could take a break, eat a KitKat put on the headphones and watch the training videos.

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